Helping our kids succeed

We are not born successful but we cultivate habits that form the character that will eventually lead to success in a certain area. Children look up to adults around them to learn about life, therefore, it's important for us to set the right environment to help them strive and become responsible adults. Below are a few recommendations for parents and children:

1) Help your child understand what the expectations are for home, school, extra curricular activities and fun

2) Help your child formulate a goal in each category to be achieved daily

3) Follow up and make sure that the child and yourself stay accountable, in other words, they have to do what they say they will do even if they fail one time, they have to try again and again and again

4) Keep your promises

5) Do everything with excellence whether in public or in private

6) Remember that you are competing with yourself to be the better you everyday and not compare with others.

7) Be grateful for your family, teachers and anyone in your support system

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